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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center: Discover your potential... achieve your dreams
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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Twin Cities

  • Minneapolis, 2438 27th Avenue S, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-752-8100 Map (PDF format)

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center provides customized career education, employment services, assessments, and job retention services for people with disabilities, dislocated workers, people who are economically disadvantaged, and others who face special training or employment barriers. RESOURCE opened its doors in 1960 to offer vocational evaluation services to individuals with disabilities and has since grown to offer the four unique service options listed below to individuals with barriers. Contact Marjie Blevins at 612-752-8154 for more information.

Services provided include:

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center course curriculum is continuously revised by MRC staff and members of the business community to ensure that the training courses fit the current needs of the workplace and the current labor market. MRC maintains relationships with 90+ business partners who contribute to MRC’s success by presenting training and work readiness sessions (including mock interviews) and by hiring RESOURCE Career Education graduates.

RESOURCE partners with businesses to enhance its programs and services. For further information, click here: RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Business Partner Councils

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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Twin Cities Referral Form (PDF format)

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Course Catalog (PDF format)

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center is a division of RESOURCE, Inc.

RESOURCE is a private, nonprofit, United Way-funded agency and an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. RESOURCE is committed to undoing racism and promoting diversity.

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