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RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center: Discover your potential... achieve your dreams
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1. Whom does RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center serve and what does it do?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center serves individuals who have barriers to self-sufficiency but who are able to work competitively. This includes people with physical, sensory, mental health and other disabilities, immigrants and refugees, and individuals transitioning off of public assistance.

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers services in the areas of Assessment, Accredited Career Education, Job Placement, and Job Retention.

2. Where is RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center located?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center’s main location is at 2438 27th Avenue South in Minneapolis, but RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center also has service locations in St. Paul, and St. Cloud.

All RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center locations are on or near public transportation and offer individuals a safe environment and a knowledgeable staff who have the expertise necessary to move individuals forward in their lives.

3. Who pays for RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center services?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center is a private, nonprofit organization that operates it programs by charging a fee for its services or receives grant funding to cover costs for specialized programming.

Most individuals do not pay for services on their own, although individuals may choose to self-pay if no other payment source is available. The referral source or individual who refers a person to MRC for services normally covers service fees. Referral sources include Vocational Rehabilitation Services, State Services for the Blind or Veterans Administration rehabilitation counselors, QRCs, case managers, employers, or other individuals who have access to dollars for the types of services MRC offers. The decision to cover the cost of RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center services is made between the referring counselor and the individual needing/wanting RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center services, not by RESOURCE staff.

4. How are referrals made?

A referring counselor must refer each individual receiving services at MRC for those services. The RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Referral Form must be completed and mailed or faxed to RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center, along with documentation of an individual’s disability, when applicable. An authorization for payment of services may accompany the completed referral form or may be sent at a later time but prior to an intake being scheduled. Once the referral form is received, a RESOURCE staff person will call the individual and referring counselor to schedule an intake appointment.

5. What can RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center do for me?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center offers services that help participants assess their skills and skill potential, expand and enhance technical and interpersonal skills through career education, secure employment through individualized placement, and retain and maintain their jobs through intensive post-placement follow-along services.

6. What is the length of time for RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center services?

The length of RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center services varies from a few days to many months depending on the service(s) being provided.

7. Will I get a job once I have completed services at RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center?

Individuals may be referred to RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center Employment Services to help them secure employment or they may be referred to another provider or back to their referring agency to receive placement services. Referring counselors will help participants determine the best placement option for them.

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center has a knowledgeable placement staff which offers individualized placement and support services to each job seeker. The job seeker and employment specialist work together to secure an appropriate job within a 90-day time period. RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center focuses on jobs with career advancement potential and benefits and utilizes the expertise of its 70-member Business Partner Council in the placement process. Although RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center makes a strong commitment to placing participants referred for placement services, we cannot guarantee that every individual referred will find employment.

Once the job seeker has been placed, RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center staff continue to follow each participant for a minimum of 90 days post-placement to make sure the job is a good fit for the individual and that the employer also feels the match is good.

8. Will I need to make a plan or set goals?

RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center requires that each individual referred for services completes a plan prior to beginning the service(s) they are referred for. This plan gives direction to the process and helps RESOURCE Minnesota Resource Center staff better understand the needs and goals of the participants referred.

Contacts for more information

  • Twin Cities – Marjie Blevins at 612-752-8154
  • St. Cloud – Carrie Stang at 320-227-1305
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